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 Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008)

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PostSubject: Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008)   Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 11:56 am

This tutrial will show you how can you make any text look like it is in flame

1. Open new document (mine was 450*300) and fill its background with black color. Than select Text tool (size: 150 pt, color: white) and write something on black background. I wrote this:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 1

2. Now go Filter>Blur>Blur (when window with Rasterize question pops up just klick "ok"):

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 2

3. Click Layer>Merge Down:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 3

4. Now use Smudge Tool and make text looks like like this (it's easy):

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 4

5.Duplicate layer: Layer>Duplicate Layer:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 5

6.On first layer (not duplicated one) press Ctrl+U, check Colorize box and set Hue to 45 and Saturation to 100 just like on the picture below:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 6a

7. Now press Ctrl+U on duplicated layer, also check Colorize box and set Saturation to 100 just like this:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 7a

8. Now you should have something like this:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 8

9. Ser Blending Mode to Linear Dodge:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 9

10. Here is your final result:

Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008) 10
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Computer Graphics II (4-15-2008)
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