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 Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008)

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PostSubject: Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008)   Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 7:34 am

1. READ the following then work on the tutorial

How to make a school yearbook or high school annual

Last year, I volunteered to help with the yearbook at my daughter’s tiny high school. Sometime later, the person who usually handled the yearbook retired, and then, a few weeks before the end of the year, two students presented me with a couple of photo CDs.

I searched the web for instructions on making a yearbook. Finding none, I put together this list of ideas that could apply to making any yearbook.

You might also want to refer to Print anything in a dotPhoto book. It explains how you can create any page that includes both text and graphics with your current layout software

Suggestions for creating a yearbook at dotPhoto:

  • Get a photo in the 5” square cutout on the front of the book. This leaves plenty of room for signing autographs and messages around the cover photo.
  • Start by editing the photos: pick the best and discard the rest. Crop the best images.
  • Keep the happy photos – even if they’re not the best photos. The quality of the expression will be more important that the quality of the image. Memories are about emotions, and capturing emotions is the goal of a good yearbook.
  • Look for interesting sequences to group together: the same person in sequence can tell an amusing or interesting story.
  • Sort the photos into logical groups: teachers, staff, games, trips. This will help identify sections that you might want to add, and will also create opportunities to create photo montages.
  • Every yearbook has some whimsical photos. Try adding a few digital effects: a halo, artistic effect or dramatic lighting can add interest. Paint Shop Pro is great for this kind of thing. PSP Free download 30-day trial

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) I543B03F9-847F-4CD3-8ABA-4830BB963198
Photo effects from Paint Shop Pro

  • Create a page or two about events of the year. Wikipedia is a great source. Your graduates will be reading these pages in 20 years with interest. Wikipedia 2006 events
  • Student photos are easy to lay out. We chose the 6-per-page layout on dotPhoto so that we’d have room for captions. You can use the dotPhoto Re-arrange feature to put the photos in order, and then drag-and-drop them into the layout.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) IA2341943-41E5-47C3-87A9-2E5A7E3C2956
Dropping and dragging student photos into dotPhoto’s 6-per-page layout

· Photo montages add interest. Start with a blank page and cut and paste the most interesting parts of your best photos. Re-size to fit spaces that you’re trying to fill in. Don’t worry about creating a perfect page; the randomness of the montage is engaging.
Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) I1FB56438-A302-4225-B708-69C1913845EA
Photo montages lend interest

· Add a parting shot on the last page. Pick one iconic photo or a group of interesting photos to say good-by. We picked some goofy pictures including a photo of the yearbook committee in glasses.
Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) IDE2ADD59-665B-47F7-BAA9-5B2ECC61F124
"Parting shot” montage on the last page.
Our students were thrilled with their yearbooks. They were used to getting output from a color copier, which, given prices for color copies, was probably more expensive! This year, they got a hardcover book with stitched binding that told their story, and will help them remember the friends, teachers and events of this school year.

There are several great benefits of making a yearbook at dotPhoto:

  • It can be done quickly. While professional yearbook companies require months of advance notice, you can create and print a dotPhoto Yearbook in two weeks.
  • Since you’re not printing months in advance, you can print more of the year.
  • A dotPhoto book is all color. Most yearbooks are full of mainly black and white pages.
  • Typical yearbooks today are $75; dotPhoto yearbooks start at about $25.
  • Typical yearbooks require commitments of hundreds of books. At dotPhoto, you can order exactly as many as you need, and order one more anytime you want.
  • You can also use the same images to create a dotPhoto Web Site (See My Web Site tab) or a dotPhoto Show about the school year.

How to create Background or Logo -1 This tutorial is about making a logo or something like this. Actually you can use it for loading screen in the video game or as a part of background; doesn't matter. The thing is that you are going to find out how to make it.

So let's start.
Create a new document.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground1

Make a layer and fill it with simple black. Then create another layer and use gradient on it (with opacity set to about 20%-30%).

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground2

Use custom shape tool and create an object. I've chosen this one.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground3

The color of the object is�

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground4

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground4_1

Now let's make some effects with PS styles.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground6

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground7

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground8

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground9

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground5

And here is our result.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground9_1

Use Linear Dodge for this layer:

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground10

Now I want you to copy this layer several times and transform each of them.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground11

�. and one more.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground12

Then let's transform each of the objects and sat it like we want.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground14

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground16

To set some sense of depth change the opacity levels for every object except the smallest one.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground17

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground19

Now it is time for the text.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground20


Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground21

Center it.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground22

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground23

And change the layer order. And make a copy of - I - (SPIRA).

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground24

Blur the � I � with motion blur as you want.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground25
Click image to expand.


Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground27

I really want to make one more circle for � I � .

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground28

And final steps:
Make a Round selection and select it inverse.

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground31

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground32

�..and fill the areas with simple black but with opacity set to 30 %� 40%. Done!

Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) SpiraBackground33
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PostSubject: Re: Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008)   Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 11:46 am

yes i am here cucuz

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PostSubject: I AM PRESENT CLASS   Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 11:53 am

i am her today
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PostSubject: im present in class   Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 12:02 pm

i have read the tutorial
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PostSubject: Re: Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008)   Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 07, 2008 12:04 pm

i read this grove and its too easy
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PostSubject: Re: Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008)   Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008) Icon_minitime

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Computer Graphics II (4-7-2008)
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