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Plies Stars-1-0._V47060502_ Plies - The Real Testament , August 7, 2007

<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><tr><td vAlign=top>By </TD>
<td>Constant (Vancouver, BC Canada) - See all my reviews
Plies C7y_badge_tr_6._V47081619_ </TD></TR></TABLE>
Plies (A.K.A Algernod Lanier Washington) debut album is "The Real Testament" (2007) a fifteen track release which features guest appearances from T-Pain, Tank & Akon. The quality of this release to me is simply sub-par, half ash lyricism, a horrendus flow and weak production can be found throughout the album. Akon and T-Pain are brought in to lighten up the album up some and handle their own on the singles "Shawty" and "Hypnotized". Akon provides one of the few note worthy but brief moments lacing the later track with one of his trademark choruses, Plies lyrics are less then memorable - and ruin what could of been a good track. Truthfully though even the contributions from the Konvict music artists are run of the mill ones which were most likely throwaways. I read that Plies was the one who created "I Wanna Love You" for Akon and Snoop, and was supposed to appear on the track until he had some legal problems. Give him credit for creating a bonafide hit but I am glad he was not included on it. The Florida rapper provides something different when talking about his relationship with his mom on "Runnin' My Momma Crazy". Most of this album is full of the same old ignorant played out ********, no creativity, nothing positive - heard it all before (ten years ago) and it was done better. I would not recommend "The Real Testament" for the collection. Plies Comment-sm._V47082363_ Comment | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you?

Plies Btn-yes-tiny._V46687209_Plies Btn-no-tiny._V46917209_
Plies Btn-yes-tiny._V46687209_Plies Btn-no-tiny._V46917209_

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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful:
Plies Stars-1-0._V47060502_ 100% Overrated! (1 and 1/2 stars), August 8, 2007

<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><tr><td vAlign=top>By </TD>
<td>Nuisance "the rebel" (Miami) - See all my reviews</TD></TR></TABLE>
I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the scoop on Plies and this album. I first heard of Plies when some fool in a local magazine was bigging him up as the realest ever. Then I finally heard him rapping offbeat to Usher's Confessions. I was less than impressed but back then there was no hype around him but a month later everybody was on his wood. This Fort Myers native was signed because of street cred(yes, you've read that right and dont believe the hype because the CEO of Slip-N-Slide, Ted Lucas, said it with his own fat mouth). After reading the above a fundamental question must be asked.....WHAT PART OF THE GAME IS THAT? I guess you cant expect sound judgement from a CEO who married Luke's baby momma(again, you've read that part correctly). There's overrated rappers that are good and can flow and then there's Plies. Plies cant flow, he has a hard time rapping on beat and when he does rap on beat he manages to fall off. You want me to say something positive about dude fine. He has mic presense in the sense that he is not boring but his rhymes are simplistic and suspect beyond belief! The only decent song(and I use the word decent loosely) is Shawty with T-Pain. That speaks volumes about this album when the best song on it is a chick record. This ignorant a$$ gargoyle pretty much covers all-too-familiar terrain with On My D***, Keep It Too Real, Money Straight, Goons Lurkin and Murkin Season. Speaking of the last two joints mentioned how can you listen to those tracks and act as if he broke the mold when he follows the same mold thousands of rappers have been following for years? I Am The Club is so stupid its not even funny just sad. Hypnotized with Akon is a lame record and I really think that Akon is overused as a singer of hooks and please dont tell me about Runnin My Momma Crazy! That song is not deep. Rappers have been saying the same bull**** for years. Tell me something I havent heard already not you know you're doing wrong and you still do it. 1 Mo time is him pleading with his girl to let him rip one more time after he cheated on her(yeah Plies, that makes a lot of sense) More disposables: 100 Years, I Kno U Workin(dumbest anti-snitch record ever!), You feat Tank(who sounds like he's doing his worst Maxwell impression on the hook), Friday and for those of you who have those bonus tracks Water, Aint Slippin and Got Em Hatin are all garbage. Got Em Hatin was his first single and it was produced by the ever so wack Nitti(why does everybody keep chasing after this nonbeat producing producer?). Bottom Line: The Real Testament is easily one of the worst releases of 2007 by the most overrated rapper out of Florida and the most overrated rapper out of the south period. The production for the most part wasnt bad but Plies is a beatwaster couple that with the fact that Plies is saying the same garbage weve been hearing for decades so how is he possibly above the rest? All he talks about is choppers, haters, sex and money. Straight cookie-cutter material. Now I know all these trendfollowing bay-bay kids are going to accuse me of hating but lets be real. You're on his nuts because the hood is on his nuts arent you? Give me another reason that you feel this ignoramus besides the hood saying that he is the realest n**** alive. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Its sad because there are people out here who can rap circles around this clown and they're not being heard because they arent so-called street credible. That sucks! F*** Plies, that millenium Suge Knight called Ted Lucas(or Ted Mucus) and everybody on his nuts! 100% real n****? Naw. 100% ignorant, 100% stereotypical, 100% illiterate, 100% overrated, 100% formulaic, 100% garbage! Now back to your regularly scheduled program(sounds of static). Plies Comment-sm._V47082363_ Comments (4) | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you?

Plies Btn-yes-tiny._V46687209_Plies Btn-no-tiny._V46917209_
Plies Btn-yes-tiny._V46687209_Plies Btn-no-tiny._V46917209_

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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Plies Stars-1-0._V47060502_ Another attractive pop-rapping no-talent., December 16, 2007

<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><tr><td vAlign=top>By </TD>
<td>Adrian Cooper "Spreading love and knowledge" (Dunkirk, NY USA) - See all my reviews
Plies C7y_badge_rn_1._V47060296_ </TD></TR></TABLE>
Please, someone, Anyone tell me where they're all coming from?! I don't understand why Rap/Hip-Hop is in such high demands these days!!?

Wouldn't you rather listen to something with meaning ala Mariah Carey (!!), John Mayer (!!!), Keyshia Cole (!), Van Hunt (!!), Carrie Underwood (!!), Nelly Furtado (!!), Coldplay (!!!), Incubus (!!), Christina Aguilera (!!) or Mary J. Blige (!!)??

Anyway, I understand if your life is rough, you can't keep food in the family's bellies and you can't get a job because you're a minority then you can seriously relate to this drivel, but I just don't understand the "meaning" behind such "music".

Wanna clue me in??

BTW, nice production here and there (mostly nowhere) helps back up the worthless, monotone vocals and the abysmal lyrics. Sad to see that People like Plies are being hell-spawned every year it seems.

Cover Art: B+
Inside Art: ? (Never would own this. Listened to it, sadly.)
Songwriting: F
Vocals: F- (So damn common, and very annoying. He sounds like every other pop-rapper trying to make it...)
Vocal Emotion: F
Production: F+
Length: F+

1.5 stars.

Overall: F
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