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lil g vicious
lil g vicious

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PostSubject: lil wayne   lil wayne Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 12:35 pm

It’s no secret that Cash Money heads’ Lil Wayne and Birdman represent a certain “gang affiliation;” seen in every photo-op, video shoot and television appearance wearing red and sporting red bandanas. As some might let this slide in belief that it’s a “style” or “fashion statement,” one Compton rapper is taking offense.

Apparently, Lil Eazy-E (son of the legendary Eazy-E), is sick and tired of the “fake gangbanging” occurring in hip hop these days.
“First of all, let me start off by saying much love to all my Crips, Pirus and Bloods out there that have lived and shed blood for what they believe in and represent; but all this extra fake gangbanging going on is really getting out of hand. I’m seeing this n***a Baby on 3 songs Blooding and Li Wayne ‘soowooping’ at the awards. Enough is enough. This don’t have nothing to do with them Blooding; if they was Cripping I would have the same reaction,” Lil Eazy-E said via a statement to DubCNN.

“Those of us that are true to this need to stand up and say enough is enough. I got homies who are in jail, fighting for their lives and homes who are RIP behind this thang. And for those fools who are clowning and making a mockery of us; I’m telling you no more … This is part of the problem as to why the West is not winning right now. These niggas have taken our style and way of life and are destroying it. Well I have had enough. For every action there is a reaction.”
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lil wayne
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