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PostSubject: mario   mario Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 7:00 am

Mario Barrett's third album "Go" was scheduled to be released in December 2006 but got pushed back time after time. In May 2007 it was days from finally getting released when it was pushed back another time but what happened during this occasion was that most of the songs from the album leaked out and it became impossible for the record company to release them when the album finally saw daylight. Instead we find half of the songs erased and replaced by newly recorded songs, which is a shame since many of the older songs were really good (I'll get back to that later). Mario debuted in 2002 as a 16 year with the album "Mario", the only big hit was a remake of Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" which itself was based on Freddie Scott's classic soul hit "(You) Got What I Need". Mario's second album "Turning Point" two years later also had one hit, The Scott Storch produced "Let Me Love You" but what a hit!, the song spent an amazing 9 weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts and did not only made Mario a overnight sensation but also it's writer Ne-Yo. Unfortunately Mario couldn't follow up the success with that song from his other singles from that album but he showed alot of promise while he was at it.

Third album "Go" has gotten the attention from some of the finest producers around and it's obvious that the CEO's have huge expectations of him this time around. Even if some songs went MIA the new one's are pretty good replacements and the one's that weren't removed are some of the best this year. Having said that, "Go" should become Mario's best album and it got enough good songs for another smash hit. Most songs are ballads or midtempo and in all honesty that's what suits his voice best, a few songs stick out diffrently like the opening title track, with it's effective beat from the Neptunes. As good as the song is, the lyrics are very sexual when Mario sais that "Ain't really tryna meet yo mother, just wanna FU you like no other". Considering how radio stations mostly edit out the foul words it should make no diffrence. Polow Da Don produced one of his best songs with "Crying Out For Me" that is currently climbing on the charts. A well produced romantic ballad in the same class as "Let Me Love You" where the lyrics make references to Superman "But it's time I put on my cape and/Put that S on my chest/Girl I wanna come and save you". In the end You can hear Polow vocoder just like he did on Ciara's "Promise". The producer Mad Scientist make two contributions, "Skippin" and "Music For Love" both decent love songs/ballads, especially the latter. The best song is perhaps "Kryptonite" a midtempo that is the expected third single. Once again Mario want to be superman but all the pretty girls are taking his Kryptonite, a better way to admit you're unfaithful I guess but the song is fantastic apart from that uneccesary Rich Boy verse in the end. Stargate's "How Do I Breath" is ofcourse a ballad, it was the first single and show Mario at his most sensitive. Good song.

Timbaland's "No Defination" is a typical Timba song with it's drums and electro beats but it isn't among his better this year. It's another love song but in faster pace. The same producer that did "Kryptonite" called Warren "Oak" Felder, makes an amazing job with "Why" aswell. Great lyrics and production makes this another standout. "Lay in My Bed" is a song for the bedrooms, romantic but not too memorable. "Right and the Wrong Way" a good Keith Sweat cover is followed by a naughty odd choise called "Let Me Watch" produced by snap music producer Mr Collipark and features Jules Santana. Not one of my favorites even if it's alright. The closer "Do Right" from Akon is what you call a conscious ballad that R. Kelly used to do, The lyrics deal with chosing the right direction in life and Mario explains he's where he want to cause of it while friends chose fast money and got locked up instead, he also make a verse to his mother.

Overall, with or without the old songs, this is an hell of an album and one of the best of the genre on the same level as "Exclusive" and "Because of You". With good songwriting (Mario wrote many of the songs by himself) great production, a unique voice and alot of charm, Mario Barrett will be a performer to count on for a long time forward. Usher and Chris Brown look out!. R&B fans, check this out, it won't dissapoint you.

FYI. Some of the songs aren't available here were a duet with Tyrese called "Who" a ballad called "If that later was given to Beyonce and the sound used for Trey Songz "Can't Help But Wait". Then a Ne-Yo song called "What's It Gonne Be" and "Ghetto Love" from Dre & Vidal.
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