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PostSubject: dream   dream Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 6:50 am

Singer/Songwriter/Producer The Dream AKA Terius Nash is the man behind the Rihanna's "Umbrella" and J. Holiday's Bed" together with Producer Christopher "Tricky" Stewart. Thanks to their hits they both became among the most in demand musicians in 2007 and with the success it was a natural step in the evolution that The Dream would make make a solo album just like Ne-Yo did in 2006 after having written Mario's "Let Me Love You". But apart from Ne-Yo that had plenty of time to record his debut, The Dream is doing all he can to come up with an album as long as his music is still hot on the charts. It's said that it only took 9 days to write and produce the album. Well, The cliché sais that the best music is recorded in a flash but was only a week sufficient enough time for archiving somehing memorble?, That's for me to find out.

Most of the songs here are very simular to the style that made the duo Dream/Tricky famous. The production style got "Umbrella" all over it, the lyrics, structure and the liking for repeating certain words during the verse on on the hook, like "Ooh" or "Yeah". The Dream's voice is also very unique and kinda boyish. Some will find it sexy other will barely stand it. At first I was bothered with it but then it grew on me and it ended up finding it peculiar enough to be interesting. I can tell you the same about the album, It's an incredible grower that will find it's way to your mind after a few listens and the duo proves they are able to give you everything from romantic slow jams drippin in syrup to naughty club songs to retroish 80's pop. A couple of songs stand out considerably (no it's not his two singles) while many of the others end up being mostly enjoyable. The album kicks off with his first single and top 20 hit "Shawty is Da S*it" or "Shawty is a 10" like the edited version is called. The song is a midtempo that feature rapper Fabolous and a cameo from Jazze Pha aswell as Tricky (in the video). Next up is "I Luv Your Girl" a ballad that is alright apart from a few unneccesary foul words on the bridge but it's another grower. The best song is the 80's inspired "Fast Car" that could have been taken from Prince and the Revolution's "1999" albums. If given to a better singer, this song could've been "Da S*it"" for sure. "She Needs My Love" is ready for the clubs with a rough bass beat, electro beats and a guy saying "Shawty Needs My Love" on the hook. On second single "Falsetto" he basically sings the hook in falsetto in a romantic slow jam environment with a wonderful guitar solo that remind me of Isley Brother's "Chosey Lover". Another romantic song called "Playin' in Her Hair" is simular to "Bed". And I'm a fan of both of the songs.
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