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PostSubject: j holiday   j holiday Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 6:44 am

After listening to J Holiday's "Back Of My Lac" you will be reminded of one of my favorite r&b CD's of all time from Christion entitled Ghetto Cyrano and an artist like Jaheim whose discography includes Ghetto Love, Still Ghetto, and Ghetto Classics.

I was first introduced to J Holiday when I heard the track "Bed", which I wasn't too much of a fan of at the time because the production sounded too much like Omarion's "Ice Box". Of course the songs were about two differnet things, but the songs sounded to much like each other, in my opinion. I had looked at websites like [...] and alot of people were giving J Holiday props for his live show and for the pre release sampler that J Holiday had out. So when his CD came out at such a reduced price, I decided that I would check "Back Of My Lac" out.

The title track get things off to a nice start as J Holiday just wants to relax and chill at times with a drink and his favorite drug of choice and just get away from the world sometimes. He admits growing up was a struggle for him because his father decided at an early age that he wasn't going to be a part of his life. The song is actually deeper than you think if you listen to the words carefully. However, some people may be turned off by the excessive and at times, unnecessary cursing. "Ghetto" reminds me of the Christion track "The Ghetto(Do What Ya Gotta Do)" as J Holiday talks about the struggles going on in the nation's capital and all ghettos worldwide. At the same time, however, J states that you don't have to settle for less just because of your surroundings. You can still get up, get out and get something even if you are in the ghetto and if you don't want to be in those surroundings all of your life, strive to do your best and make it out of there. As soon as you hear "Thug Commandments" you'll think it was a song that Jaheim turned down and J Holiday accepted the track to be a part of "Back Of My Lac". The track is pretty good but it sounds too much like something that Jaheim would have done. J Holiday has his best lines for any single young ladies that are trying to be down as Brandy Norwood would say, on the track "Betcha Never Had". This song is clearly a smooth, midtempo track. Although I didn't quite get the "ridin' like a vet trucker" line, that's not enough to say that this is a track not worth checking out. "Laa Laa" is self explanatory, I don't need to go in depth to tell you what that's about. If you are still confused check out "Fiend", a track with Jaheim and Styles P. from "Ghetto Classics". "Come Here" has J Holiday telling a pretty young lady or a sexy m.f. that she has definitely got his attention. J isn't concerned if she has a man, friend or a homie lover friend, he just wants her to get closer to him. "Be With Me" easily ends up being one of my favorite tracks as Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins gives J Holiday some A+ production as he usually does on various r&b projects. J is trying to explain to a particular young lady that she is the one that he wants to have in her life but she doesn't seem to be as convinced as he is. "Tricky" Stewart, who I know has done work with Mya and other r&B acts before provides J Holiday with a stellar slow jam in "Suffocate". If this track doesn't become a single, I won't be able to understand that..lol If you are a fan of slow jams like I am, then this should definitely be one of your favorite tracks on "Back Of My Lac". "Fatal" is just as good as "Suffocate". J Holiday compares not being with his woman for good to a hangover that won't go away. That may seem simple to some people but once you hear him break down the meaning in the track, you'll get a better understanding of what I am talking about. He has a good writing team in his corner. J Holiday clearly had r&b soul stars such as Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield playing constantly before he started to become a singer because the soul is clearly there. Darkchild is back with "Without You". J Holiday reminisces about a woman that he was involved with in the past and how he wants to make things right to make her leave her current situation and to get back with him. This is basically J Holiday's "Do You", from Ne-Yo, in so many words. "Pimp In Me" might be a turn off to some people. However, all J Holiday is saying is that he met the woman that will make him leave his player days behind him. I am pretty sure that most men will be able to relate to this. After spending a wonderful day with his woman, J Holiday has his own ways that he will be able to say "Thank You". However, there won't be any words needed for what's about to go down. As R Kelly said in the "Bump And Grind (Old School Mix)", things are about to get a little freakier. "Fallin'" ends up being a decent track but J Holiday tries too hard to have one crossover track on his CD.

Overall, J Holiday has clearly impressed me with "Back Of My Lac". He is a new artist that you definitely need to pay attention to in the years to come. Some people may be turned off by the excessive cursing and the subject matter, but it's easy to tell that J Holiday has soul and good r&b blood in his veins. If you are purchasing this CD for someone under 16, I would recommend buying the clean version. If you like Christion's "Ghetto Cyrano", Jaheim or even Donell Jones, then J Holiday is someone you should check out.

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