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 structor who fingered Moussaoui gets 5 mln dollars reward

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PostSubject: structor who fingered Moussaoui gets 5 mln dollars reward   Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:02 am

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US State Department rewarded a flight instructor who tipped off the FBI to Al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui ahead of the September 11 attacks with five million dollars, ABC News said Thursday.

The Minnesota man, whose identity was not disclosed, was given his reward at a closed ceremony at the State Department, with Justice Department and FBI officials present, ABC said.
A State Department spokesman told AFP "we don't comment on Rewards for Justice" programs, and Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department spokespersons also refused to confirm or deny the payment.

The flight instructor, who testified at Moussaoui's trial in March 2006, said he became suspicious when Moussaoui showed interest in flying jumbo jets, but not in takeoffs and landings, and when he paid his 6,800 dollars tuition in 100 dollar bills.
He tipped off officials about Moussaoui's behavior, leading to his arrest several weeks before the 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks in New York and Washington that claimed nearly 3,000 lives.
Moussaoui pleaded guilty in April 2005 of complicity in the suicide hijackings of passenger planes.
The French national was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in May 2006, and is serving his time in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison in the western state of Colorado.
He is the only person convicted in the United States in the September 11 attacks.
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structor who fingered Moussaoui gets 5 mln dollars reward
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