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PostSubject: ja rule   ja rule Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 7:03 am

Ja Rules second album "Rule 3:36" is a good album. First to deal with misconceptions. Ja is not DMX, he doesnt sound anything like X, both artists have distinct sound, lyrics. Ja hasnt sold out by doing a "Commercial" album, if you listened to his first release you could see tracks like "Daddy's Little Baby" which were prelude to Ja showing another side. In one sense Ja is just following footsteps of LL Cool J, in making tracks that both ladies and men can enjoy alike. R&B and Rap have been linked for a long time, and some of the greatest rappers have done just what Ja does these days. Enough of that anyways, people will always hold opinions, true or not, all I have to say is judge for yourself dont go by what somebody else is saying on your local hiphop board. Rule 3:36 starts off with "Watching Me" an adrenaline laced banger,using unconvential alternate rock beats. The next two tracks that follow "Between Me and You" and "Put it in on you" are R&B/Rap collabs with Christina Milan and Vita. Tracks for the ladies, and for guys when their chilling with their ladies. Got to say that both have addictive beats,though lyrics are fairly basic and after hearing them on radio loads you get tired of them. "6 Feet Undergroud" and "Love Me, Hate Me" come next, both are sick, hardcore tracks with good replay value. "F*** You" follows, one of the tracks featured on Fast and Furious soundtrack. "Extasy" and "Its your life" are skippable tracks that could of been left off the album. "I cry" feat. Lil Mo is R&B collabration that I like, Ja speaks truthfully about life and death, his family, and goes beyond the commerical tracks. Ja Rule drops a hardcore track on "One of Us", beats are addictive, and Ja drops thought provoking and entertaining lyrics. "Rule Wont Die" closes the album off well, as Ja tests raising and lowering his voice. Maybe not an album for some hardcore hiphop heads who think their should be only a certain type of music and that singing should not be used in rap albums. Those people need to remember that Biggie Smalls, Nas, and even Guru have all gone that route in parts of there career, and they all nice mcs. I miss the Ja of Venni Vetti Vecci, though believe all good artists change their formulas
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