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 Photoshop for Comics Master Course

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PostSubject: Photoshop for Comics Master Course   Photoshop for Comics Master Course Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 9:44 pm

Photoshop for Comics Master Course

Photoshop for Comics Master Course Photoshopcd
Photoshop for Comics Master Course
The bonus CD
This CD walks you through every aspect of Photoshop that you'll need to know to create and color your very own comics! Learn all the tricks of the trade including: Cuts, Color Holds, Color Theory, Trapping, Gamut, RGB vs CMYK and much more! Even learn to create zip-a-tone, word balloons and a whole range of awesome special effects! 150 pages of instruction, with easy to follow screen shots and diagrams! This is a must have item if you're interested in creating your own Photoshop masterpieces! CD also includes sample images for you to color, custom brushes and more! Also includes online updates and bonus chapters!

Check out my For the graphic artists... for more art books
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Photoshop for Comics Master Course
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