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 cBlue Blue Topaz Titanium Three-Stone Ring

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PostSubject: author of story   Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:51 am

"I bought my pad, because it's that time of the month folks!"
Dance Dance Revolution Universe is the first installment on to the xbox360. Sure it's a DDR game, But Konami fine tunes it and puts some great songs and more types of songs then your typical jpop/eurodance like [url=http://www. Blonde]Blonde[/url] Girl, and extra features for first timers to get into the game.
There are 11 modes in ddru from the basic game mode where you pick a song and play to the party mode for your friends. Also as in ddr ultramix, there is an Xbox live mode so you can play your friends, Or play a kid from across the world and show your skills. Training mode for the player who just don't get it, It shows you what you need to do, To the player who needs a challenge there is well...Challenge mode, Where you have to step there way or you will fail. If your a dance dance revolution vet, Your not going to find a great challenge here this installment is for the people who never played or is really bad a ddr.

Graphics has never been ddr's strong points and it shows. Sure the dancers and the videos look cleaner, but that's pretty much it! If you ever played a ddr game on the first Xbox you're not going to tell what the difference is.
For an HD ddr game my expectations where crush, By low res videos, Colors, And dancers. The menus look plan and it seems like they just redone some of the menus from dance dance revolution ultra mix 1-4 (For the Xbox). If Konami ever had a part of ddr to work on it will be it visuals, I know you don't play ddru for the graphics, But this is just lazy!
Unlike other ddr games where most of the track list is jpop with a few slow jams, Universe is a more all around style with songs like "
Blonde Girl" by Jenny Rom to Chemical Brothers remix of "Slow," even radio hits such as "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada and "Run It!" By Chris Brown, That feels right for this type of game. The song list is very solid, and there is not too much they did wrong with it. Also there will be more down loadable songs coming from Xbox live! Whatever you are in the mode for they have it here.

Same old same old, Left arrow, right arrow, up and down arrow. But it's tune a lot better with the music in ddru. If you are a beginner, this is the best ddr to start with because it's made for the first time player or that girlfriend who don't really play games, But still wants to try it out. When you put the game in for the first time, It shows you the basics of how to play. And you can always play on that beginner level, Or if you think you have what it takes you can always step it up to expert. So it's has a difficulty level for everyone.
One hot female dancer is stepping for her life and her family's from the hands of Dr.Music! Ok maybe not. DDR is really not about story, the next thing to a story it has is a mode called Quest Mode, Which you go around a map of the U.S. and dance for money that you can buy new song with. The thing about this is that it really don't show you what you are doing very well and it kind of seem pointless, And after a while I wish I could have just buy songs from a different mode in the game after finishing songs from Game mode or something like that. It feels half done and frustrating, because you need to go through this mode to unlock the other songs.
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Genre: Rhythm
Players: 1-4
Game play: 6
Graphics: 6
Sound: 9
Replay Value: 8
Final Thoughts: If you are new to ddr or is a ddr freak this game is for you, but don't expect the next gen ddr because I don't think it exists!
Score: 6/10

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PostSubject: cBlue Blue Topaz Titanium Three-Stone Ring   Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:03 am

A fabulously crafted titanium ring is elegantly decorated with vibrant Signity ice blue topaz and two side diamond accents.

Price as shown is for ONE(1) cBlue titanium ring.

Category: Ring
Approx. Width: 5.5mm
Material: Titanium
Ti Finish: Polished

Gemstone:Blue Topaz

Carat Total Weight:0.04Ct
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cBlue Blue Topaz Titanium Three-Stone Ring
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